With the growth of essay writing services online, it becomes difficult to separate the legit ones from the untrustworthy ones. How can you tell which service to trust? As expert writers, what we do is assume the risk for you. We try the service and provide you with feedback about the experience.

For now, we’re doing a BoomEssay review. Boom Essay is a service that has been in the market for quite some time now. They provide a number of services and have quite the trendy looking website. Are they good? Let’s find out.
Provided services

As part of our BoomEssay review, we’ll look at their services. The company offers services for all student levels from High school to PhD level. They offer a number of services including essay writing, thesis writing, dissertation writing and research paper writing.

This is the usual in comparison to other top writing services on the market. They also do offer proofreading and editing services for those that might need it. What we did find it interesting is that they have a separate service called “Math/Science.”

This service is dedicated to high-school students who want an exercise or assignments in the mentioned subjects solved. All these services can be seen in “services” in the menu area on the site.

Prices and discounts

We liked how BoomEssays has a pricing calculator on every page on the site. It gives you a quick way of assessing the cost of your project without having to navigate through other pages.

The company states on the site that there are 3 things that determine the price of your project; the level of writing needed, the page/word count and the deadline.

Having a quick look at their pricing table, you’ll see that the cheapest paper goes for $12.99 with a deadline of 14 days. The stated prices are for the high school levels. Prices go up the higher the education level.  Boom Essays also offers a discount of 15% for first-time orders and even more discounts for loyal users.


We had to do a test for ourselves to determine the quality of the service. The essay we got was on time, which is a plus for BoomEssays. Our qualms are in the level of depth of the content. The content was made to be readable, but it seems that boom placed too much emphasis on this.

The work received was just ok enough to be used as an academic written paper. The issue was with an above the limit plagiarism in the content and some grammar errors that could have been correctly easily with some premium tool. We don’t need to tell you that plagiarism is a big no! In the world of academia. Overall, decent quality but not as per the expectation after seeing the grammar errors and some plagiarism.

Online Reputation

We found the customer support from to be helpful, although not the best place to ask for a refund. They kept pushing for amendments rather than issuing a refund. Their online reputation is ok enough as most of the reviews and testimonials about the service online are mixed – some negative and some positive. It happens with most of the services, though.

Conclusion to us seems to be hit and miss. The essay service might not be among the top ones, but it tries to catch up on some other fronts. The writers are hardworking and willing to go the extra mile for edits, reworks and getting the final work up to your satisfaction but ideally, you would want the work to be right the first time. This is what BoomEssays needs to note down.

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