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There are plenty of numbers set in plain view on the website, and most of them are really impressive. But, the idea that 9 out of 10 students like their orders here did not impress us. Yes, we have high standards for this review as we always do, but 10% of the customers not liking the paper isn’t ideal when you’re spending money online.

To make matters worse, we read more than just a few reviews that spoke truly bad things about this company. The number of bad Same Day Essay reviews is much bigger than that of the good ones, which left us with a terrible first impression. So, we decided to dig around to find out more. You’ll find the results in this samedayessay review.

Service Overview

This part of the samedayessay review went surprisingly well. The company might have a poor reputation with quality, but they sure have created a fine list of services. Thr company offers all kinds of papers and to all students regardless of their requirements, level, and even the deadline.

This is one of the very few companies with extremely short deadline options. They actually offer to write a paper for you within one hour only, which sounds impressive, but also really, really disturbing. Why?

Because apparently, you can ask samedayessay to write papers like research papers and term papers here within an hour or two, which is by far not enough to complete the research process, not to mention do the actual writing. At this point, we had already established why the company has not received its spot in the best paper writing services lists – they seem to offer more than it’s realistically possible to handle.

Yes, maybe they will deliver it within such a short timeframe, but what kind of quality would that be? That hardly leaves them with time to write a big paper, not to mention edit, proofread it, or research for data.

Prices and Discounts

To our big surprise, the prices here are really low. The ones for the shortest deadlines are also considerably low because some companies charge around $40 for a deadline of a day or at least 12 hours. Not to mention, at SameDayEssay the prices begin at around $15 for almost all papers, which is an excellent price even without the added discounts.

There are discounts also, and ones that we didn’t expect. First, we didn’t expect a 15% off for newcomers when we started the pricing research for this samedayessay review. Secondly, we didn’t expect the loyalty program seeing how the prices are already quite low, but they have one. It is based on bonuses from your past orders, but it’s still a discount offer.

Papers Quality

When this part of the research came up, we already had our hopes ruined by the fact that this company had a bad reputation and they had too short deadlines to be good. Unfortunately, our doubts were pretty much justified because the paper quality we received was terrible.

Firstly, the paper came late and we didn’t even choose the shortest deadline. If they delay a paper that’s ordered a day ahead, how do they handle the urgent deadlines they offer?

As if this weren’t enough, the writer who did our paper delivered it without formatting or proofreading it, so it required a great deal of revisions.

Money-back Guarantees

Some are mentioned on the website and in detail, too. But, don’t expect any refunds here. We were pretty much the perfect candidate for a refund because our paper was bad and came late and yet, we received nothing at all, not even a discount code as an apology.

Online Reputation

As you can imagine, many customers share the same opinion and experience as we did here. Ergo, samedayessay has a reputation that is not ideal. In fact, you could say that it leans toward negative considering how frequently they delay papers or have issues with the quality. All in all, it would be risky if you choose to order here, so we don’t recommend it.