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When you first see the Writingessayeast website, the word yeast takes your attention. It’s an unfortunate name, and it’s actually Writing Essay East. The motto is “The best students essay writing service from east to west!” Did you notice the grammar issues in that sentence? Yeah… it’s not a good start for our Writingessayeast review.

The list of services at this website is extensive, and it’s what attracts students there. You can order an essay, critical thinking paper, creative writing assignment, admission essay, and many other types of content. Business writing help is also available. There’s also a service called typing, but they don’t explain what it is. 

Prices and Discounts

Typing is the most affordable type of service at WritingEssayEast, with prices starting from $6 per page. But that’s hardly considered original content. Funny thing: an essay also comes with quotes from $6 per page. That’s surprising, since we’re used to seeing prices of at least $15 from the companies in our list of best college essay writing services.

The highest quote, which is set for Professional level with a deadline of 3 hours, is only $28. In comparison to all other services with available reviews at our site, this has to be the cheapest one.

But “cheap” is not a term defined only by the price. The quality also matters. If you’re not getting something good, it’s a waste of money. Let’s see: what’s the case with WritingEssayEast?


As soon as we landed at WritingEssayEast.com, we noticed countless grammar issues with the content at the website. But we still wanted to provide a WritingEssayEast review based on real experience, so we ordered an essay. We chose the shortest deadline of 3 hours. The price was very affordable, so we just waited to see if the quality was worth paying for.

And we waited.

Then we waited for some more.

The paper was ready five hours after the deadline.

If it was good, the disappointment would be less dramatic. But WritingEssayEast delivered content that wouldn’t work even for a high-school student. We doubt that the service hires professional writers. It looks like freelance writers from foreign countries work at WritingEssayEast.com, and they are being paid too miserably to get motivated for better work.

We asked for revisions, but there’s no such guarantee at the website. If you look at the WritingEssayEast guarantees, you’ll only see general claims and nothing specific. We didn’t get the revisions and we didn’t get our money back.

Online Reputation

WritingEssayEast could work for high-school students that don’t need a paper written by a native English speaker. The paper we got was okay in its arguments. But it wasn’t okay in grammar and format.

From the testimonials we get from other students, most get work similar to the essay we got. The feedback is slightly positive due to the fact that the content isn’t plagiarized, and the prices are affordable. The negative rating is due to quality. If you want the best content that money could buy, we recommend you to check another review at our website.

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