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Online Reputation


Whenever we review a company, we begin with what they customers think of it. That’s the best and safest way to determine if you should invest in a service. So as always, we started scouring the web for some rapidessay reviews.  If you plan to do this, prepare yourself to be perplexed. It turns out that the rapid essay reviews are split between people who love the company and those who hate it. We couldn’t possibly determine if this is a high rated or low rated service, not to mention decide on whether or not to place it in our list of best essay writing services.

Naturally, we didn’t stop there. By the end of our research and after receiving our paper, we had all the information we needed to give this paper writing service a rating. If you want to find out what we learned, read our rapid essay review.

Service Overview

We usually say that a company has a good writing service list because they contain almost everything you can need in school, regardless of your level. But, Rapidessay took this even further. They have all of that, plus some really rarely find services such as journal article writing or poems and memos and letters.

It was quite the pleasant surprise and one point toward this rapidessay.com review. To be able to provide such a big range of different papers and services, you’d have to have many writers, and qualified ones. This got us even more intrigued in the quality part of this Rapidessay review. To get there, keep reading.

Prices and Discounts

Even with such a big list, Rapidessay is a really, really cheap company. We can understand why many students jump into ordering without giving it a second thought. Who wouldn’t, when a company offers you their services at $10 for a page? Rapidessay.com is much cheaper than most companies we come across. But, while this sounds amazing to students who don’t have a lot of experience with ordering papers online, it’s a big, red flag for us.

Except for the vague mention of a discount system, we found nothing about this company’s offers. We reached out to them and asked for a newcomers’ discount but apparently, they only have bulk and loyalty discounts. They didn’t want to share any specifics with us and said that the next time we order, we can ask if we’re eligible for some kind of an offer. This was extremely frustrating.

Papers Quality

At this point, we didn’t care about the no-discount issue at all. After seeing the provided quality, we were certain that we’d never order here again, not even if they offer us some kind of a discount.

This company’s quality is terrible, which is why we couldn’t stop but think that they might have written those good testimonials online to trick people to buy here. We say this because the paper we received was one of the worst we’ve gotten. It had mistakes in it, and many of them. It had plagiarism, and over 30% of it. And it was written by someone with bad English skills, which means that Rapid Essay works with non-native writers.

Money-back Guarantees

There are supposed to be money-back guarantees to protect you from all the things that happened to us, but we wouldn’t put much trust into these. The support of this company is instantly available when you need them and extremely friendly, but they didn’t do anything regarding our issue with the order.

Online Reputation

The online reputation of this paper company is confusing because there are some good and bad comments out there. But after ordering there, we’re seriously leaning toward the bad ones. The service is perfectly priced, ideal for those who don’t have high budgets. It also has the best service list we’ve seen and a really friendly customer support. So, what’s the issue? The issue is that their writers are horrendous and deliver stolen, filled-with-mistakes, really badly written content. The advantages cannot possibly cover this big gap in their service, which is why this is not one of our favorite choices.