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online reputation

5.0/10 is an impressive website, design-wise. However, when it comes to reputation, we must say that we didn’t come across that many great reviews as you’d think by reading their content. As a matter of fact, the majority of reviews that were published outside of this website were negative, which is a really bad start of our own research.

Even though essay writing services reviews are a sure start, this is not a good enough reason to give up on a company, not just yet. To make sure that we know everything about this company in order to share our rating, we continued our search and crafted this review. Read on to see what the company is like.

Service Overview

Even though the site has simple and straightforward design, it lacks some important information, including a service list or description. If you really want to see what they offer, you need to open the actual order form.

The surprising thing about this Essayhave review is that we found that what paper you order has no effect on the price whatsoever. As weird as this sounds, Essayhave doesn’t take into account what kind of paper you want. Their prices are only decided based on a deadline, academic level, and number of pages.

This means that you can get a simple essay and a big, difficult dissertation at the same cost. It might not be a big deal if they have good writers, but it sure made us more interested in researching for this Essayhave review.

Prices and Discounts

The prices may be strangely decided, but they are excellent. Essayhave is a cheap company. Not too cheap with their prices that begin at $15, but not high-priced either. 

We were happy with this part until we realized that this company lacks something really big and important – discounts. This took away some points from this Essay Have review because not offering benefits to at least regular customers is really unusual for this type of services, and it would certainly chase many customers away.

Papers Quality

Compared to this part of our review, the discount issue was nothing. This is the part where we were most disappointed with Essay Have. The company delayed our paper for over 10 hours, which is incredibly bad considering that students are on a deadline.

If we put this issue aside, which is hard, we were left with a paper that’s below average in term of quality. It didn’t contain many mistakes in it, but we found a great deal of copied content from another source when we used a scanner. This pretty much makes the service one big scam, especially because we never got that refund they so proudly speak of.

Money-back Guarantees

Even though they speak of a money-back guarantee that you’re eligible for in many scenarios, this never works. Just take a look at some Essay Have reviews – delaying papers is a very frequent issue here.

We’d urge you to check the FAQ section right under the pricing table. This is where they actually tell the truth about their fake guarantees, at least partially. It turns out that, if the company is late with a long term order, they can give you 7% refund. This is basically nothing considering that you’d have missed your deadline and lost 93% of the money you’ve paid.

In our case, the deadline wasn’t even long-term and they rejected giving us a compensation. There was no explanation, just a statement that said that we’re not eligible for their guarantee.

Online Reputation

You’ve probably assumed from all those negative reviews online that this is a really low rated company. They have some appealing features like the decent price list and the big service list, but all the important things about this company are bad. They don’t deliver papers on time and, if that wasn’t bad enough, their quality is often debatable. Not to mention, the existing guarantees on the website are unfair and unrealistic, to say the least.