Provided Services is mostly focused on delivering essays to its customers. When you hover over Essay Services, you see a ridiculous dropdown menu: essay help, buy an essay, pay for an essay, essays for sale, etc. They don’t tell you what the exact services are.

The price chart informs you about the company’s offer. Since the quotes vary between types of products, you can see the services available. They include critical thinking, creative writing, exam notes, presentation, research paper, homework help, geography assignment, and more.

The range of services offered at Paper Help is great! Let’s get deeper into the review, so we’ll see if it’s the right website for you.

Prices and Discounts

It’s always great to see a clean price chart that shows you a quote in different deadlines and quality levels. That’s not the case with PaperHelp. With an intention to improve the design, they made the price chart complicated. But it still gives you a transparent quote and that’s what matters.

Writing from scratch starts from $10 per page. The most expensive price is $56 per page for PhD level with a deadline of 3 hours. To get only 5% off, you need to spend at least $500 at the website. That’s a small discount for a huge order. If you want a coupon for your first order, you have to subscribe to the email list. The code isn’t featured at the PaperHelp site.


It’s a problem.

We always order papers, so we can provide trustworthy reviews for our readers. We did the same thing for this Paperhelp review. The order form is complicated and it doesn’t give you the quotes featured in the Prices section. It gave us the most expensive quote ($56 per page) for PhD content delivered the same day, regardless of the hour we chose.

We placed the order anyway. We set a deadline of 3 hours and guess what: the writer didn’t make it. It’s the worst thing that can happen when you get writing help online.

The content was late, but that wasn’t the biggest problem. It also needed a lot of revisions. The writer accepted the remarks and made the revisions, but it took an extra day for that. If you’re looking for a service that delivers top-notch content under a short deadline, Paperhelp is not the one. 

Online Reputation has been on the market for over a decade. Throughout this time, it didn’t manage to achieve impressive rating in the list of best paper writing services. Many students use it, but the feedback is mixed. Some are perfectly happy with the experience, but many complain about the lack of uniqueness and attention to detail.  

We hope that this paperhelp Review will help you make a choice. Through comparison with other reviews at our website, you can see if Paper Help would give you enough value for your money. And if you already used the service, we’d be happy to get your testimonials based on real experience. 

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